Mantra Yoga Meditation is a very simple technique. The mantra is a sound with a very positive vibration. This is a core of vibrations, of subtle energy capable of transforming the environment and the individual with its magnetic irradiations. Yoga is union. Meditation is technique, it can be defined as a process by which our mind begins to experience the deepest levels of consciousness.  There are no words in the human language that can describe the beauty of a meditation. It is a flower of serenity that rises above a world of illusion. The quality of an object is not in its appearance, in its wrapping, nor in the promotion that is made of the product. The quality is always in the internal conditions. We are divine beings with a human experience. Words give us ideas, not experience. To have the direct experience, you must be initiated into Mantra Yoga Meditation.

Initiation is the moment expected by the soul. The most sublime moment. The decisive step in the way of an aspirant. This is the moment when the master with his open heart takes us by the hand, and leads us to the presence of the Supreme Being, applying the beautiful technique of mantra Yoga meditation. When the person decides to start, the teacher will initiate. Everything the aspirant has to do after being initiated is to go inward every day in search of himself.  Practicing meditation is a solemn and extraordinary spiritual experience. The practitioner only needs to be silent twice a day, in contact with his own self. And thus, honing the instrument of his mind, shall vibrate with the unperceivable song of Nature, and drink from the sacred nectar of the expansion of consciousness. Since the disciple gets in touch with the mantra, there is an invisible union between master and disciple.